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South African BoerboelMy love for the Boerboel began when I read the book “Gladiator Dogs” by Carl Semincic in 1999. A few months later I saw my first Boerboel. Her name was Daisy and at that moment I knew I was going on a journey to learn all I could about the magnificent animal. By the time I got my first Boerboel I had done 5 years of research on the breed as well as breeders in South Africa and around the globe. I presently have three wonderful dogs each with a different personality, and all South African imports. When I look for an addition to the family I look for temperament and health as well as pedigree. The Boerboel is a strong dog both mentally and physically.

BabyKyaThey demand attention as well as need it to grow into a mentally stable dog. This breed is not meant for the dog owner who is not willing to take on the role as “Alpha”. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the breed. Watch this site grow as the Sinister Kennels family of Boerboels grows.